20x14cm Desk Calendar

20x14cm Desk Calendar


A 20x14cm Wide Desk Photo calendar with personalised dates, photos and text for birthdays, anniversary's or event reminders is a memorable and practical gift. Friends and family can enjoy it for the next 12 months and with various styles available to choose you can be sure each one will be unique.

Featuring at least 13 of your favourite photos this stunning wall calendar starts from any month of the year. Choose your front cover photo and title then arrange your other special photos for the next 12 months. Each date can be personalised with text, photos and embelishments so you will never forget those special anniversaries, birthays or events. You can even tear off the 13 photos when the year is finished to save.


Desk Calendar - Wide


Contains 14 sheets plus cover. Base opens 7cm allowing product to stand on a desk. Calendar can start any month.

Dimensions: Width: 20cm, Height: 14cm, Depth: 7cm
Material: Satin 300gsm paper and spiral bound with 320gsm cardboard back
Weight: 160 grams

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